A hundred thousand welcomes to the home of the Clann of the Wolf.  We hope that you will enjoy your visit and that we will hear from you yet again.  


The cry goes out and echoes from crags to glens, from meadows to moors, and from lochs to burns, "Sons and daughters of Scotland, and nations counted among her friends, rally to the sound of the war pipes and the raising of the standard of the King across the water!  It is time to take back crown and throne from the usurpers!"


The Highland clans have answered the call and march with Bonnie Prince Charlie to drive the Sassenachs and their sympathizers from Scottish soil, and then to take London itself for James III of England and Ireland and VIII of Scotland.  And among these clans, none are prouder, none are more fierce and feared in battle, and none more loyal to the Stuart cause than Clan Cameron.  From the Lochiel to the lowest peasant they come prepared to fight, to bleed and to die that Scotland may be restored to her former glory.  Their battle cry--”Chlanna nan con thigibh a so’s gheibh sibh fẹil”—”Sons of the hounds come here and get flesh!


The white cockade is sprouting on the blue bonnets of many a Scotsman, claymores have been taken from hiding and sharpened, targes and dirks are made ready, and muskets, powder and ball are prepared to find their mark in the red coats of the Hanoverian forces.  Past risings may have failed, but we are Scots.  We never give up.


There is something wildly magical, wonderfully mystical and deeply romantic in the air.  Freedom and independence, near and dear to the hearts of all true descendents of Kenneth MacAlpin, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, are on the lips of those who have never known either, but have the flame burning brightly in their Scottish breasts.  Will you not join us and lend your arm to fight for King James and the Bonnie Prince?


If you love the sounds of 18th century battle, the bark of cannon, the clash of claymore against targe and bayonet, the skirl of the great pipes, if you crave the smell of black powder flaming from the muzzle of a flintlock musket, if your blood heats up when you hear the ferocious war cries of the wild Highland clans, then the Clann of the Wolf has all this and more in store for you.


Or perhaps you are inclined to the more peaceful life of the encampment, with period meals prepared over period fire pits with period vessels and utensils, the orderly rows of white canvas tents, a wee dram of the water of life shared with new friends and old, and tales told and songs sung around the campfire, the Clann of the Wolf has plenty to offer you as well.


And if you would appreciate the sense of family and belonging to an organization that will help you on your path to creating an authentic outfit for your own portrayal of a Jacobite, the Clann of the Wolf is for you. 






Past Clann and Sept Chiefs

A quiet moment between battles

For God, King James, Prince Charles

and Scotland

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